About Us

Hi, I’m Jim and I’m the owner of Aqua Paradise. As a young child I grew up in the small town of Northwood, NH.  Growing up, my family always had an above ground pool. My 2 brothers and I would spend the bulk of our summer vacation days in the pool. Many of the memories that I have of my youth relate back to that pool. My childhood dog Smokey would run laps around the pool from the time we would get in until the time we would get out, my step dad would jump over the side to get in and as kids we were all amazed that he could jump that high. My Mom, who had no idea on how to swim, would float around in a tube in 4ft of water like she was battling a rip current. My brothers and I would play basketball, make wave pools, and attempt to do hand stands which didn’t end well. We all learned how to swim in our pool and had a family experience that far out weighed the material things we had growing up.

Fast forward to 2019 and I connected with my now friends at Great Bay Spa & Sauna in Portsmouth, NH. I owned a Landscape Company on the NH Seacoast where I had a client who was interested in putting in a swim spa. She asked if it was something that I could help with as she couldn’t find anyone to do the job. Of course I said YES! In 2019, I found my passion. Swim Spas and Hot Tubs! Everyday I got to bring excitement and memories into the families lives that I worked with. That one Swim Spa turned into two, then into 10 then into I forget how many. All those memories that I got to make as a kid with the pool I now get to help other families do the same. To say I love what I do and that I’m passionate about it is an understatement.

In 2022 my wife Heather and I decided to relocate to SC with our two dogs Maggie and Pete. We were in search of snowless winters, nice beaches, and a place where we could bring my passion for swim spas and hot tubs. We are now proud to call the Myrtle Beach / Conway SC area home.

I look forward to helping create those lasting memories for you and your family for years to come!